12 Clever Shoe Storage Ideas: Creative, Repurposed, Functional Solutions

Taking time to ramp-up the household shoe storage will help with the tidiness of the home.  Be inspired by these smart ideas on storage. 1.  Mobile Shoe Storage: for the Outdoor Ware The complete project idea + instructions are found on Country Living.com > Clever Use for Wood Crates 2. Mounted Shoe Storage Painted crates […]

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Bathroom and Kitchen Drawer Organization for Under $10

Looking at the drawers around my home I noticed some had lost their purpose; basically serving as convenient containers to store clutter, in stead of, storage spaces for specific purposes.  They’d ‘DE-railed’ from their original purpose and needed some TLC to get back on track.  Multiple drawers could use the focused attention, however, I chose […]

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Storage Containers In the Kitchen – Complements of Tuna Cans

One of my best friends of many years is getting married mid-February!  So excited for my dear friend, Kara!  Last November we took a girl’s trip to Nashville to find the perfect wedding dress; hence the story and motivation behind my TUNA consumption… Our first appointment was at ARZELLE’s Bridal!  A huge score — she […]

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Target Areas to Grow: “This is How We Grow” Blog Hop

#1 – Busy schedules  require a call to take ‘family communication’ to the next level!  I found that I was the only one who knew the weekly schedule or I was asked repeatedly…”what’s the plan”?  So I needed to find a way to get the whole family ‘out of the dark’ & ‘into the light’! […]

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A Solution for Spice Storage

When I opened this cabinet before, everything would fall out on my head! Cooking was frustrating as I had no idea what I spices I actually had in the cabinet.  I would find duplicates, due to the view of clutter, and over spending. Desperate for a Spice Cabinet Makeover, I took an after noon and […]

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A DIY Solution for Easy Refrigerator Drawer Wipe-up’s

The refrigerator is one of the most visited places in a home; especially with growing children!!  With all of the frequent visits, it’s bound to attract yucky gooey messes!! These fabric liners not only protect refrigerator drawers, but also allows you to ‘be the designer’ displaying ‘color’ in your frig!  Mix & match fabrics or […]

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Maximize Time, Money and Freezer Space

While ‘summer’s green’ is in season, it’s a great time to stock-up and save!  Preserving cooking Herbs, fresh Corn and maximizing bulk Beef buys are some of the ways I save around the kitchen. Preserving Fresh Herbs using Mini Muffin Tins: Dice herb and place in Muffin Tins.  Add a bit of water before freezing. […]

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How to Prepare Okra for Freezing

This time of year is my favorite for preserving fresh summer vegetables!   The thought of having fresh garden goodies, in the winter, warms my heart! One of my favorites is Okra!  Even though I don’t necessarily fry Okra often…(don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the stuff.  It’s just a lot of clean-up to fry; […]

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DIY Project: Storage Solution using Containers and a Lazy Susan

Looking for unique ways to store?  Try this simple DIY project!  It takes hardly anytime to make and is an easy way to display loose ‘grab items'; which works easily throughout the house.  No more frustration digging through drawers to find a pen, much less a pen that works.  With an open storage solution, it […]

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Top Seven Summer Activities – My Kid’s Approved

The desire of children change from stage to stage & age to age. It’s hard to know their heart unless we are, either, kept in the loop — or stay closely involved.  Even so, sometimes it’s just good to find out what’s going on from the horses mouth! To get the inside scoop of what […]

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