She’ll Never Forget

    Oh how I relish memorable moments!  There are few things in life more special then those un-planned captured times that make a positive impact in the world around us and the people in it.

Being a mom of three, I’ve watched my children go through various milestones in their lives that were very exciting!   I was fortunate to see them take their first steps, hear their first word (which, by the way, was “da da”), help them ride a bike, read a book, the list goes on and on.  No matter how old we get, we are always reaching and striving for goals and to be apart of seeing growth in our children is such a wonderfully rewarding experience!

Webster’s definition of milestone is a significant point in development.  Today I’m sharing some of the recent developments my children have obtained.

In times past, we’ve had many conversations of what to expect in Middle school.  We’ve talked about dress-code, middle school culture,  locker basics, lunch-room behavior, profane language, drug usage…the list goes on and on.  Well, the time has come were my oldest has embarked on the adventurous world of Middle school; the long awaited landmark in her academic career.   The biggest lesson she’s learned is to be herself and not fall into the trap of following the trend that has a destructive end.

My middle child has dreamed of having ‘bedroom privacy’.   She’s now transitioned from sharing a room, to having a private bedroom of her own.  This new experience has nurtured her confidence, independence and responsibility; truly a turning point for a shy little girl.

My baby, has talked about sewing for quite sometime.  She has a natural knack for design; it truly comes out when she ‘tapes’ together scrap fabric for her barbies’ wardrobe.  Often she will ask me to cut a pattern from her drawings or ‘mom, can I use your sewing scissors’.  Recently, grandma spent sometime teaching the art of hand-sewing to our daughter.  My mom has a sea of patience and multiple years of experience.  When I was a little girl, she would make our coats, suits for my brothers, dresses for us girls, etc.  Learning how to sew has become a major turning point in my daughter’s life and one that she’ll not soon forget.

Do you have any turning point experiences to share of your children?




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