Peep on a Log

         Snacks, repeatedly, are a big deal in our home.  Whether the children are busy playing, coming home from school, or just hanging out the pantry is truly a revolving door.   Here is a simple snack, inspired by Easter, for children.  Below are the ingredients and directions for this fun editable Peep snack!



mild beef sticks for logs


editable grass for nest

cranberries for ants

graham crackers for dirt


Arrange the crumbled graham crackers on a plate.  Wet your finger tips and work with your editable grass to form the nest.  Cross beef sticks, at the base, and place your nest in between.  Perch peep on top and march the ants!    ~Enjoy!

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Wife to Larry, Mom to three beautiful girls, Benita is the founder of Wizehouse. After coming home, from corporate to raise her girls, Benita recognized the need for a system to support her new world. That support became the foundation of a tool which allows busy families to maintain home, while receiving a reward for the whole family to enjoy! Wife at Wizehouse is designed to offer tips, strategies, and DIY ideas for home living.
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