Green Fabric Softener

Today is the day where many people around the world celebrate Earth Day.  Some raise awareness about complex environmental issues, others get involved with saving an endangered species, however, there is no particular rule on what you do today.  Thinking of Earth Day, what does it mean to you?  To me it means getting rid of weeds, taking a family walk, hiking on the mountain, washing the car or doing something good for the environment.   So with Earth Day in mind, today one of the things that I’ll be doing is replenishing our stock of fabric softener!  A very good friend introduced me to this recipe and I’ve enjoyed the use and cost savings ever since!

The main ingredient is Distilled Vinegar, which I’m totally a fan, because of it’s wonderful diverse solutions.  For example, Vinegar alone, in your washing machine keeps the smell of the interior area fresh use after use.  You may ask, “will my clothes smell like vinegar”…no.  Typically the vinegar, coupled with the washing water, will leave a pleasant fresh smell in the wash.

Below is the simple fabric softener recipe:


  • 3 cups White Distilled Vinegar
  • 1.5 bottles of Suave Hair Conditioner, which is equivalent to, 3 cups   NOTE:  My favorite is the Rosemary + Mint.
  • 6 cups Hot Water


Mix ingredients together and simply pour the contents into a clean storage container.  Use about 1/4 cup per load in the rinse cycle or in fabric softener ball.  Note:  This recipe makes about 20 fl. oz.

Total Cost:

Cost for Distilled Vinegar 1.32 gallon = $3.90 + tax at the local Costco

Cost, per bottle, for a 12.6 fl.oz. Suave Hair Conditioner = $1.51 + tax with coupon

Total cost for ingredients = $5.84, where the average, 16oz manufacturer’s brand,  is over $14.  The cost savings is about 65-70%!!  Hope you enjoy!

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